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Edge Wind Fairing for Sun EZ Recumbent Bicycles (Windshield Only)

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Categories : Best Bikes
Product ID : B000OS9IDS
List Price : $ 189.98
Price :

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Images for Edge Wind Fairing for Sun EZ Recumbent Bicycles (Windshield Only)

Edge Wind Fairing for Sun EZ Recumbent Bicycles (Windshield Only) Short Description


Edge Wind Fairing for Sun EZ Recumbent Bicycles (Windshield Only) Key Features

  • Polycarbonate
  • Alloy brackets
  • Fits all Sun EZ Series bikes except Speedster and EZ-3USX
  • Clear
  • This is for the windshield only, not the entire bike

List Price: $ 189.98

Price: $ 119.37

Most Americans have never seen one before. When Stephen Mosca takes his out on the street, he says he’s treated like a mini Mini Cooper. A velomobile guarant…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to “Edge Wind Fairing for Sun EZ Recumbent Bicycles (Windshield Only)”

  1. 04smallmj says:


  2. Stefan Silberstein says:

    They are on the market for a long time -? in europe you can get used ones for arount 3000 €. But the price is relative – you save on gas, insurance, taxes – it sums up and its cheaper than your loved car in no time.

  3. yubraj bajracharya says:

    If you are looking to shed pounds, you should? look up on google the Skinnimaker Diet. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  4. alanesmuymacho says:

    Cut the bullshit, $9000 for an enclosed bike is way too much. I’d say build one yourself and have a pro design the shell and you got one for? less than half the price. That is outrageous. Is this what thinking green is all about? Sure its a nice bike, but no way in hell can you say you spent $9000 on an enclosed bike to “save money”.

  5. WRHIX1967 says:

    Hey there Mr. Mosca. Randy Hicks from Michigan. We spoke earlier today. Nice to put a face to a voice. Great video. ? Your point about the transport menu is exactly where I’m coming from. Your melo is fantastic…

  6. BahoudiiTV says:

    This would make an excellent coffin in the town I live in. You’d find yourself being crushed and pulled out of the wheelwell of a massive SUV.

    They are probably awesome in? a real city or in Europe, but here in the Deep South, you wouldn’t last a week.

  7. dcdweerawardhana says:

    Hiya, have you discovered MAD Muscle Ripper? (look it up on google) You will find out about the serious crimes we commit against our bodies. With MAD Muscle Ripper, you will discover how to get ripped? quickly.

  8. Stirlinggenerator says:

    Well done…!!!
    Best wishes? from Bavaria / Germany.? :-)

  9. Wren Wright says:

    $8500?? That’s just silly.

  10. chumpychumpychump says:

    You can get right-crossed easily in one of those things, because any driver of a tall car will look right over the top of you.

    Plus, as a rider, you can’t see worth a damn out of the vehicle. Swiveling your head is not easily accomplished, there are vision obstacles close in? around your face, and the ground immediately in front is obscured by the snout of that thing.

    You can’t hop or “float” over a bump, even if you see it coming.

    And it’s a nasty sweat box in a nice climate.

  11. esmeet1 says:

    Like the Yellow? Submarine soundtrack!

  12. ultrabot90 says:

    Hey, I’m another one who’s looking at these and can’t afford them. Gonna get a few scientifically inclined friends to help me? out. These might help you -
    bicycleman (dot) com
    Greenspeed (a company that sells rec trikes for ~1k, make your own shell)
    Atomic Zombie (plans)
    Look for plans and builds on bikeforums, and bentrideronline (dot) com
    search instructables (dot) com for ‘facet v1′ for making a velo shell
    wisil.recumbents (dot) com/wisil/bubbles/hpvbubbles.htm
    GL, HIH ;)

  13. dakay211 says:

    y not add a generator like the? ones they use to run lights but rig to charge battery and increase trip lenght

  14. wmustafatube says:

    Who said you can not? reinvent the wheel ?

  15. Shipwright1918 says:

    Very? funny.
    I’ve been doing some research, and there are more affordable models out there, you just have to go and look for them or build ‘em yourself.

    Still, if anybody sees a good one for 1000 or 2000, or knows of some good plans, please let me know, for gas is gettuling ridiculos again and I need something more enclosed than my scooter for the daily drive.

  16. RifullOfTheWest says:

    you can find a Wheel, or rim for $500. $1000 will get u the wheel, the tire and? the shocks lol.

  17. RifullOfTheWest says:

    I want you guys to Put the Go One Evolution back into production!!!!!!!!!!! Why? would you stop making such a beautiful velomobile?!!!!

  18. Shipwright1918 says:

    I want? one of these so bad I can taste it, but the $9000 price tag is a bit steep. Are there any for 1000, 500 maybe? That I could afford.

    Barring that, are there any plans out there, I’ve got plenty of bicycle parts and a good shop.

  19. Bass Player says:

    Nicely? done!

  20. slyfoxlover says:

    I love this Mango color scheme. It looks like it’s sticking? its tongue out. >;9

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