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How to Build a 300/400 Watt Pedal Power Exercise Bike, Cheap

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Images for How to Build a 300/400 Watt Pedal Power Exercise Bike, Cheap

How to Build a 300/400 Watt Pedal Power Exercise Bike, Cheap Short Description

How to Build, A 300/400 watt

Pedal Power exercise bike

Simple, Step-by-Step plans on how you can build a Pedal Power Exercise bike, and make real, usable power while you exercise.

Now you can pedal exercise and produce power at the same time. And if your solar system ever runs low on power and the sun don’t shine and the wind wont blow you can pedal power your batteries to full charge in a couple of hours. And hey who don’t need a little exercise and now you can actually produce something useful while you exercise.

We have heard reports of 400 watts but we were conservative when we estimated 300 watts but how much power you produce is up to you and how good a shape your in and how fast and how long you can pedal at speed. All that, determines how much power you can make. The average person in reasonable shape can produce 300 watts for 30 to 45 minutes.

It’s actually a lot of fun to exercise knowing you are helping the environment and producing something useful and needed.

This is the simplest and easiest generator exercise bike plans on the market bar none and the cheapest too, the bike cost me about 0, the generator cost me , the blocking diode cost me .00 and the volt meter cost me .00 all this for only 2.00 Not to bad…

Pedal exercise for an hour to charge a 12 volt battery and run 3 or 4 or more (12 volt) LED lights all night long, or you can power a radio etc.

How’s that for POWER you can use.

How to Build a 300/400 Watt Pedal Power Exercise Bike, Cheap Key Features


Top 5 cheap and light bmx’s in dollers and british pounds.
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19 Responses to “How to Build a 300/400 Watt Pedal Power Exercise Bike, Cheap”

  1. Ben Stone says:

    these are all shitty as fuck get animal,
    odyssey,fitbikeco,haro,fiction,snafu,sandmbmx,cult,kink,united get one of
    those diamondback and mongoose are shit walmart?

  2. mrpmj00 says:

    Those u-brakes stop in 10 feet instead of immediate like v-brakes?

  3. Austin Martinez says:

    yeah only 100 bucks for some of them

  4. HellYeaNixon says:

    my frame is an ’2011 Diamond Back Grind’ (completely customized rig) – and
    the picture you posted is definitely NOT a DB Grind, Hell I doubt think any
    of these pictures match the description – 99% of all lower end cheap bikes
    usually comes with a 42 teeth 1-peice crank

  5. Onthebranch lopez says:

    uhhh, once you start shreading you won’t care about weight

  6. RoyLxBoyzZ says:

    Your name is like mine troll

  7. You. tube Edwards says:


  8. damianallen79 says:

    Im getting diamond back grind and customizing it

  9. damianallen79 says:

    Chloe most of them bikes are great

  10. BikesCheap says:

    wooow i love, i want buy it

  11. Undercover BMX says:

    all of those are expensive and shit

  12. timothydenley says:

    ruption fricton is a awesome bike i had one and loved it it weighs about 10
    - 12 kilos and can be bought for 250$ 300$

  13. Ikillyourfamery12 says:

    thats because you get the beginner ones those suck major balls try getting
    the mx4 or the mx5

  14. Sawyer Strange says:

    mine’s 24 verde theory

  15. FlyinFlom says:


  16. jstclairking says:

    Mongoose capture want it

  17. Jordan Cama says:

    cheap, light and SHIT

  18. Jazz Carruthers says:

    all these suck

  19. Ty Chichester says:

    you can get sapient bikes for 100$ at the house.com

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